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      Solar Refrigerator & Freezer

      These incredibly efficient solar powered or battery powered refrigerators and freezers can be powered by one or two pieces 155w poly solar panel and 150ah deep cycle battery.

      By using a dc powered solar refrigerator, you can save 100's of dollars a year in lowered electricity costs or fuel bills. Purchase from our company, you will find great profit for your business. We offer 186L / 196L solar fridge and 200L solar freezer for you, pls do let us know your need.

      186L 12V Solar Refrigerator

      186L 12V Solar Refrigerator

      This Solar Fridge is a DC fridge it works solely when connected to batteries, it is not connected to mains, although the batteries can be charged with solar and also with mains powers through a battery charger.
      196L Solar Refrigerator Fridge

      196L Solar Refrigerator Fridge

      Felicitysolar's 196L solar powered refrigerator are rugged and designed for extreme tropic climatic conditions. It has exceptionally low energy consumption, requiring smaller, less expensive power systems and low operating expense.
      200L DC Solar Power Freezer

      200L DC Solar Power Freezer

      A solar powered freezer is a freezer which runs on energy directly provided by solar, and the system include photovoltaic panels,solar controller,solar battery and refrigerator.
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